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What to do in guriezo?

Casa De Liz is located in the Real Valle de Guriezo. The neighborhood of El Puente, where your house is located, is the epicenter of the valley. From here you can explore everything Guriezo has to offer. Thanks to its privileged location between the beach and the mountains, in the same day you will be able to do some good hiking in the morning and visit nearby beaches in the afternoon.


Depending on your hobbies you can find endless possibilities within your reach to make the most of your time in your house.


For more information:

Rutas en bici de montaña

Rutas en bici de montaña

Paseos a caballo

Paseos a caballo

Kayak en el Río Agüera

Kayak en el Río Agüera



Excursiones en tu coche

Excursiones en tu coche


Guriezo is located in the valley of the river Agüera (which crosses it from south to north) and it is surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains. Close to the coast the river becomes an estuary and ends at the beach of Oriñón.


Here are some hikes to walk non-stop, run free and enjoy nature close to your house


Hike to the chapel of Las Nieves

It is a classic but one does not get tired of doing it again and again. The little chapel at the top dates back to 1356 and the views once up there are well worth it!

Hike from the chapel of Las Nieves to the Juncal Reservoir

If you are into cross-country running this route is for you!; Run on the crest of a mountain alongside wild horses,  traverse a primitive forest and even run inside a water channel. Not bad for a single route :)


Hike to the Devil´s Eyes on top of Monte Candina

This mountain route is a hard ascent but once you reach what is known as the devil´s eyes the views are so breathtaking that you will forget how tired you may be.


Hike from Sonabia beach to Laredo along the cliffs

A wild route, for experienced hikers, enjoy some impressive walking close to the cliffs and visit impressive beaches like Liendo. the route finishes in the old part of the town of Laredo, where you can catch a bus back home.


Some other recommended hikes and routes:


Some other fun ideas:


Due to its valley condition surrounded by mountains and low traffic, Guriezo is, for many mountain and road cyclists, an ideal region for the practice of this sport. Every day, hundreds of cyclists circulate along the roads and paths of Guriezo, ending the day with a lunch in one of the bars of El Puente, Guriezo's main neighborhood where Casa De Liz is located.


Some recommended routes:

Mountain Routes


To relax in the sand minutes away from the house ...


Beaches of Oriñón and Arenillas

It is a beach of fine yellow sand, particularly stunning in low tide when it communicates with the beach of Arenillas. In high tide this small beach becomes a natural swimming pool perfect for swimming.


Sonabia Beach

Wild and if you feel like it, nudist. It is beautiful, the setting is stunning at the foot of Mount Candina and from here you can begin the route to Laredo through the cliffs. There are no lifeguards and the sea is brave, so watch out for the currents.


Beach of La Ballena (Cape Cebollero)

An Ibiza type cove? Yes, we have that too. Beautiful, only revealed in low tide, allows swimming and snorkeling in underwater prairies home to lovely rockfish.


Beach of San Julián in Liendo

This beach impresses by the abruptness of the descent, the cliffs, the mix of sea and mountain ... It is worth visiting.


Other fantastic beaches (Trengandín, Langre, Somo ...)

The beach of Trengandín is so long that it seems endless. Langre beach is part of the first area in Europe considering surfbreaks as Natural Monuments Project Proposal


The mouth of the Agüera River and the Bay of Oriñón are two great areas for the practice of these sports. When the tide is high, the river Agüera allows us to enter through it in kayak or paddle until its passage by the neighborhood of Rioseco.


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